Farm to Fridge is an open source online farm market. It is initially being developed to serve as an online farmer's market for a city, county or region. Members can register, browse available products on offer by local farms, browse profiles for the farms themselves, and purchase products. It is designed to be able to serve individual consumers, wholesale consumers (such as restaurants), or both at the same time.

In the future, it will be developed to serve as a CSA management tool, or an online market for a single farm, in addition to serving as a multi-farmer market or an online wholesale distributor. It will be configurable and stylable. You could use it as a stand-alone or integrate it into an existing website.

Farm to Fridge is currently in the alpha stages of development. It is being developed primarily by Daniel Bingham.

The initial set of features for the beta has been determined by the requirements of the Bloomington Market. It includes a fee for market membership, open and close times, a cart that allows for paypal payment or check/cash on pickup, a grower dashboard to manage orders and products, an admin dashboard to configure the market and the ability for the customer to search and view products.

After the inital beta test with the Bloomington Market, development efforts will shift towards allowing the market to serve multiple models, making the market easier to install and set up, easier to style and more configurable. Other payment methods will be added as well as the ability to enable or disable them in the admin dashboard.

As soon as the beta is ready, we will put a demo online.